5 Tips For A Better Business

Obviously, no one wants to throw their customers away, this is not what a normal businessperson would normally do, so why are most small businesses doing it every day? Here are 5 questions to ask if you want to tap into more profit and position your business ahead of the competition. Start talking to those who are already listening.

    1. Are you marketing to your list of customers and contacts?
      When was the last time you contacted people who have done business with you? One week ago? One month ago? One year ago? Even longer? Most small businesses are sitting on a goldmine and not making money from it. What is this goldmine? It’s your list of customers and contacts. And we all have it!
      Why spend a fortune on paying to get new customers on social media when you already have an untapped source of sales? Even the best marketing campaigns pale into oblivion compared to the results that can be achieved by marketing to your current list. I’m mainly talking B2B but most of this applies to B2C just as much.
    2. Are you offering something extra?
      Go a step further. Your current customers have already purchased from you so why not offer them something extra? If nothing else, the very fact that you are contacting them keeps you on their radar. They may not need you right now, but they may well have future requirements. Anyway, it’s nice that you are still engaging them rather than taking their money and running.
    3. Are you asking for referrals and testimonies?
      Don’t forget to ask for referrals and testimonials. Happy customers are often enthusiastic to tell other people about what a great deal/service/product they managed to get. It costs nothing to ask. Who do they know who may be interested in your service or product? All leads generated this way tend to be better qualified, easier to open a dialog with and of a higher quality than via social media. You can also ask for feedback to find out if you are as good as you think you are and if there is anything else you could have done or supplied to improve your value to them. It also gives you great information to fix any perceived problems and update your processes accordingly.
    4. Do you record when they do business with you? Is there a warranty or policy due to renewal?
      Take the example of a garage. If you recorded the date of their previous MOT or servicing, you can email them a few weeks before it is due renewal and give them an offer if they bring the car back to you. The fact you have reminded them that their MOT is due and offering them a special deal is a great service. It is also good customer care and good business.Similarly, if you run an IT company you can record when licenses or warranties are due, maybe a mortgage advisor can warn when a mortgage is due to be reviewed or an HR business can remind clients that their policies are due a review. The list is endless and I’m sure you can relate this to your own business. Do you record their birthday or their partners birthday? Why not send them an email (or even better an actual birthday card) to say Happy Birthday. Not all contact has to be sales related and not all contact has to be by email.
    5. Have you thought about automating your processes?
      By getting in first and showing a bit of interest in your customer you can often minimise the risk of your client going somewhere else. But you cannot do it all! Even if there is no renewable product you still need to contact them regularly to keep them up to date with your services and products. “Out of sight is out of mind” as the old saying goes.

It seems like a lot of work, but today business automation is standard practice requiring very little effort and by using your current list it can get you the very best return on your marketing budget.
If you would like to know more about automating your marketing and business processes whilst still providing a very personalised customer service, please feel free to contact us. As Infusionsoft training specialists, we will be more than happy to set you on the right course to business process automation.

If you would like to know more about automating your marketing and business processes whilst still providing a very personalised customer service please feel free to contact us.

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